Over the week I tried to hook my angularjs site up to Amazon’s Cognito service. It all seemed straight forward. However, I learned of a gotcha. Behind the scenes I am using bower to install javascript dependencies and gulp to serve the site locally and build the site. As IRead More →

I decided to move everything to AWS. Moving everything gave me the flexibility a geek wants in terms of customization. I was using the regular wordpress.com account and sadly paid for it. I lacked a ton of customization abilities, which was by design. I was mainly only able to makeRead More →

I hate Windows 10. Absolutely hate it. It gives up privacy as well as installs updates without consent. Windows says, hey I have an update, I am updating deal with it and reboots. I am not a fan of that. So I decided to wipe my hard drive and goRead More →

Since the FCC decided to get rid of our online privacy rights, I decided to buy VPN access from TorGuard. I already have a PFSense firewall monitoring and blocking traffic using Snort, Squid, SquidGuard and pgNgBlocker. This is a quick (incomplete tutorial) how to get PFSense to connect to aRead More →

This is another working notes section. I finally switched over to Ubuntu and it was so much easier to use an nvidia-docker container to use my dual graphics cards for processing. As usual, I will not provide detailed instructions how I got to this point. I am not in thatRead More →