I hate Windows 10. Absolutely hate it. It gives up privacy as well as installs updates without consent. Windows says, hey I have an update, I am updating deal with it and reboots. I am not a fan of that. So I decided to wipe my hard drive and go with CentOS. CentOS was a journey. I have two NVIDIA 730 graphics cards and it was such a hassle. I spent hours getting them to work with the default drivers and CUDA. Firefox and the Flash plugin was super slow and clunky. Videos in Firefox were choppy and laggy. I couldn’t deal with it so I decided to go back to ole faithful Ubuntu.

Switching back to Ubuntu was the best decision. Installing the graphics drivers was easy, however getting a 4 monitor set up was like solving a puzzle. Screen 1 is above Screen 3 which is to the left of Screen 0 which is below Screen 2. It took a few hours to get that right, but once that was done, it was smooth sailing from there.

Ubuntu has been finely tuned and refined for consumers. I was able to plug in my usb headphones and they just worked. I was able to adjust the sound through the logitech keyboard without any issues. What was the most impressive is the third party applications it supports. I started with Steam and Spotify and they installed with no issues. Chrome is fine, but moving it around the 4 screens, it has a tendency to disappear. I just keep it on one screen. Not much of a big deal.

CentOS had some hurdles installing steam, but it did install and I put that script on my Github page. Spotify was tied to the browser via a horrible flash plug in implementation. Videos were clunky and Netflix did not even function.

My Github has a few CentOS scripts, but from here on out, the scripts on there will be Debian/Ubuntu based. That is my little rant. I really wanted to like CentOS. I use Fedora/Redhat/CentOS based OS’s every day. I enjoy the SELinux integration and its security, but overall usability, I think I will side with Ubuntu for a consumer grade operating system.

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