Quantum Cryptography

So I started, finally, to work on some QKD (Quantum Key Distribution). IBM recently released a python API to their 5 qubit quantum computer. I’ve been playing around with it and found it pretty easy to use. I have only managed to entangle a couple qubits and teleport them, but gotta start somewhere.

Anyway, I started a docker image that I will keep updating. The image and scripts can be found here. If you already have pycuda installed, you can just execute the scripts in the scripts folder. As time goes on and I progress in my understanding, I will update the scripts as I go.

If you want to build the image:
git clone [email protected]:vaethis/workspace.git vaethis && cd vaethis/dockerfiles/pycuda-quantumcrypto
sudo docker build -t ibmqkd .
sudo nvidia-docker run -it ibmqkd bash

I chose to go with docker because I can run the code in a contained way and I don’t have files all over my computer to re-install if things get hosed up.

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