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I do not post much since I get get home from work, completely exhausted. However, It is kind of late and I turn on the news and I see the top headlines: As category 4 Hurricane Takes Aim at Texas, Trump Pardons Arpaio and Gorka Out. Normally, I wouldn’t care, but this headline is startling to me. This president is so full of himself. He is turning into a dictator and the U.S is letting him do so. There have been bills introduced to discourage and protect the special counsel from being fired. This really should not happen. The U.S should have total confidence in their president and not have to make special bills to protect people from their jobs. The pardoning of Arpario clearly states that Trump is compassionate to racism and I am totally appalled by this. Yet, Republicans let this slide. They think it is oh its just another tweet and it’ll pass. I am ashamed of what our country has become. It is completely divided. There is no leadership attempting to unite the country. Republicans or Democrats either, need to step up. This president is really out of his mind. What we need as a country as unity. Granted, I am a struggling middle class dude. I have an obscene amount of student loans. They are literally more than my mortgage. However, I would tremendously love a tax cut, what I would want more is a competent leader. This president, however many people say he may be incompetent, knows that he cannot be impeached easily, and he is taking total advantage of his authorities. The U.S is allowing him to steer this country into a new direction while the majority of Americans can only stand aside and allow it happen. I have watched many many protests against him, yet it makes no difference. This country is ripped apart and there is no leadership to consolidate this country. I literally struggle to understand the mindset of a Trump supporter. I have tried, believe me. However, when I see a Twitter post from the President with the word weather when he meant whether, I really question the mentality of our leadership. When a Twitter post can be considered official record when it is convenient, but when there are misspellings, inaccuracies, etc then they are not official records. I have an issue with that. I can not in my ordinary life say one thing then a week later say something else and have that be acceptable. I am absolutely sure this blog post will not influence anyone, however I am deeply concerned with the way the next 3.5 years will go. All he seems to do is assign blame and divert attention elsewhere. This is such a coward thing to do. Every time something major happens, our president just diverts attention. It is ridiculous and obnoxious. This is NOT how a President should behave. This is how a reality show host behaves. Diverting attention is again, COWARDICE. I would expect much much more from President. What we have now is someone who cannot accept failure, would not acknowledge his mistakes, and just shifts blame and responsibility. This is absolutely abhorrent. I am ashamed.

The following article concerns me deeply: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2017/03/16/what-does-trump-budget-eliminate/99223182/ . He has eliminated a lot of programs, that Obama enacted. Presumably out of spite or ego. Obama, Bush, Clinton and all the previous Presidents have tried to do good things for this country, while Trump seems to want to dismantle it all. I would assume out of ego. He seems to have no respect for anyone but himself. I would hope someone can step up and combat his ego. If Republicans allow him to continue, we will be in a dictatorship. He is already campaigning for his next election. This is unheard of. He is either afraid he won’t get re-elected or taking the next step in a dictatorship in which in the next re-election/win he will try to re-write the Constitution in which he can have a third term/fourth term and further.No one will stop him. At the rate people are allowing him to do things, it will happen. The U.S will become a dictatorship. You did it to yourself.

This is by far the worst presidency of all time. I realize there have been worse presidents, but our country has been conned by a con-man. He only cares for himself. He won’t denounced racism, repealed and removed a ton of previous things the previous President tried to accomplish. The USA Today article had so many good things in it, but at the end of each paragraph was, Canceled, Repealed, Revoked, Removed. I find this exceptionally unacceptable. No President should undo the previous administrations accomplishments merely because He thinks He needs to because of their race. If Obama was a white President, I would think a few less things would have been removed, repealed, etc. This is the America we are living in. I am so ashamed of it.

All the previous falls right in line with Christianity, however even Christians are denouncing Trumps actions and words. When your fundamental base, political base and constituents disagree with you, you should really take a hint. However, our President is so dense and full of himself that he thinks he is a FUCKING GOD and is becoming a dictator and people are allowing it.

I dont even want to get into the trans-gender troop issue. If anyone wants to brave up and serve in our countries military, they should be allowed to. Our President has tried and succeeded on every level to not participate in the military. He has no respect for the men/women/trans people who serve. They put their lives on the line. They deserve to serve, regardless what they identify as. Trump is still merely trying to divert attention to something else like a fucking coward. Banning anyone who wants to serve in the military is a coward less act and Trump fully doesn’t understand his role. It costs a 10 factor less to pay for those people than it does viagra. This President is a joke and needs to resign.

Every fucking week is a “damage report”. This is completely unprecedented. The news media just reports on whatever this fucking President tweets and moves on. No one will take a stand and stand against all the bigotry, racism or hypocrisy. I am truly scratching my brain trying to understand it. Yet, I think Quantum Physics is easier to understand so I might as well stick to that.

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