PyCharm First Impressions

PyCharm First Impressions

I was browsing through some blog posts and saw someone enjoyed PyCharm. Since I never heard of it, I was curious since most of what I do at home is in Python. My first impressions are very good. Let me break some things down.


  • The ability to use VIM is a huge plus. It took a little getting used to. When the delete key wouldn’t work, I forgot to hit the i key to insert. Using VIM is a huge advantage. It helps quickly use VIM short cuts. I hate using the mouse.
  • The environment uses a virtual environment by default
  • I love the auto completion
  • Running a Django application is seemless
  • The ability to create a GitHub gist is pretty neat
  • The Python standards suggestions are very helpful

There are very few cons. This is a solid IDE and now I can run everything in a single IDE instead of using Sublime text (which is still great), but I need a Windows Ubuntu shell and other external tools.


  • It took a bit to figure out how to get the requests python module (for example) to be recognized by PyCharm. It required hitting ctrl + alt + s and installing it from the UI. I did a pip install requests first and got a permission denied, then did a pip install requests –user and it still wasnt recognized. No big deal really, just a few extra minutes to figure it out.
  • When creating a GIST, it would be nice to generate one based on highlighted code instead of an entire file.
  • It would be nice to be able to right click on a directory and have it add to a .gitignore and remove from view of the project.

Missing features:

  • None yet, but I just started using it. So far, I think it is pretty solid for Python development. I was using Sublime Text and using a ton of plugins, and PyCharm has everything out of the box. The auto completion feature in PyCharm is amazing, while using Sublime Text with the plugins, I would get almost every word in the dictionary as an auto complete suggestion.

Below is a screen shot of a project I imported from an existing.

Also, the above code is at: So in the left side pane, look familiar, yes its in github.

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