My Ideas and things I am pursuing

I am a  less impressive Elon Musk. He is making his ideas work, however I am passive and have no managerial skills whatsoever. I have 3 things I am working on and I want some help.

  1. My distributed encryption site
    1. This is kind of cool in a sense that no one is doing it yet. I am nearly done, but it is using blockchain to decrypt the random keys I generate, using IPFS to encrypt and distribute the files, and many more things.
    2. I have a couple PIP projects for this and its close to a version .1 release
    3. This requires Python, some quantum knowledge since my next phase is implementing a crude QKE (Quantum Key Exchange) with IBMs quantum computer. Its a terrible thing to try, but it is the closest we have to a real quantum computer that’s publicly accessible.
    4. This also requires basic CSS knowledge
  2. A quantum key satellite
    1. I have many ideas how this would work and can provide a ton of scholar articles that say this idea can work. I just need help with:
      1. I have the budget in place for a ground station
      2. I have the budget for the satellite boards
      3. I need help with an interface between the boards and the quantum qubits (the chinese did this at a larger scale, I want this to be done at a cube sat scale)
      4. I need help with raising funds for a launch
      5. Requirements: Quantum Key Exchange concepts, environment interference patterns, classical to quantum interpretation  interfaces
  3. A distributed telescope
    1. This is an idea that will take all the amateur astronomical images and do machine learning and AI on them to discover new celestial objects
    2. Amateur astronomers around the world point their telescopes upward every night and many of them keep their images hostages
    3. The goal here is to use Stellarium or develop something new in which their images are forwarded into our servers for analysis and predictions
    4. I already have some algorithms developed for this, but with my other ideas, I am occupied.
    5. Requirements: Javascript, Java for Stellarium Java or preferred C++ for Stellarium, telescope interface bindings, ( I can to LX 90 to Javascript since I own an LX 90), Raspberry PI or equivalent


To date, I have a lot of algorithms defined and coded. I also have descriptive workflows defined. I just want/need more help.

How cool would it be if we can be the first ones to put the first Quantum Satellite into orbit for a year and prove it can work. I have the layouts, definitions and the like. I am just a single person doing multiple things so a lot of my ideas are a third of the way done. Please help!

I think this all is fun, but I can only do so much by myself. I need smarter people to help.

The main thing I ask, is that people document, document document. I am terrible at it and most people I work with are absolutely useless when it comes to that. I am using to publish documentation via GIT via Travis CI via AWS CodeDeploy.

I can be reached at:

  1. [email protected]
  2. FB
  3. Discord: ezluzvaerus


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