Getting started with openstack and kubernetes

Getting started with openstack and kubernetes

I am a huge geek. I do not want to pay for any cloud providers so I decided to create my own personal development cloud. This tutorial is the beginning of that journey we will take to deploy a devstack with kubernetes, deploy a django docker and hack away at it by DDos’ing it and throwing other Kali tools its way.

What is Open Stack?

Open Stack is the precursor to AWS/ Google Cloud and the like. It is an open source “cloud” which handles virtual machines, networking, storage. It allows for the scaling and de-scaling (is that a word?!?) of applications and code. If I have an application that is using a lot of computing resources, Open Stack will automatically provision another instance to handle the load, and then remove the instances back to a normal load.

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is a way to scale docker images. Later on I will create a docker image for my Django application and load it into the environment that is created below. I will make that into a tutorial. Another tutorial will be to show how Kubernetes can scale that app by throwing a lot of load at it using built in Kubenetes commands and also some hacking with Kali. Should be a good tutorial.

The install

Install checkout and verification

Commands Used

The commands executed in the above videos are in a gist (below)

Enjoy! Next up is getting OpenWhisk to work with kubernetes!

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