I have neglected my site for months now, yet when I came back to it I realized a couple of things. It severely lacked content and lacked details of my Quantum Satellite project. Below are my goals for the project:

  1. Integrate a web portal with a completely redesigned encryption algorithm that utilizes AWS Lambda functions to talk to the IBM Quantum Computing API
  2. Develop a new set of encryption algorithms
  3. Incorporate those algorithms into the web portal in such a way that an ordinary user can copy/paste a public/private key and have it be unbreakable. I believe this can be achieved through quantum technology.
    1. Quantum technology allows us to utilize the fundamental nature of physics and the Universe in very special ways.
  4. Develop a mechanism on the portal that allows for secure transfer and download of the private key while being able to share the public key.

Quantum cryptography presents a unique experience in that we can maintain a completely secure and random way to generate keys. I am excited to continue on this venture and hope to have the portal up soon that has this functionality.

My eventual goal is to (Which is very very far off):

  1. Create a cube satellite
  2. Build that cubesat in such a way that it can beam down an entangled particle
  3. Use that entanglement to create an encryption technology that is based on the Universe and its quantum properties.

Easy right?

Current status:

I am working on a hybrid Java Spring application that incorporates the quantum cryptography, distributed telescope AND astronomical image analysis using GPUs. This is a lot and I have been taking it in stages, kind of slowly to my dismay. I have been focusing on parts that I probably shouldn’t be like the AWS Cognito Signin/Signup/Two factor authentication/etc. These have very little to do with the actual and fun stuff, but eventually they should be done and I think Ill struggle more with them so Ive focused there first. Not all is lost.