Ive been doing computer stuff for forever. For some reason, it took me until now to create a little blog and write down what I do and how I do it. I don’t do anything spectacular. In fact, I think I am behind in technologies. I only know and understand AngularJS 1, but AngularJS 2 is out and its a complete paradigm shift. I absolutely love AWS, but Google and Azure I am staying away from.

I have had a love for astronomy since I was a mere child. I remember my grandmother driving to her house one night and I was in the back seat. I looked up at the clear Mississippi sky and had a thought. What if I could come up with an encryption algorithm that uses the stars. Turns out, that is possible.

Quantum computers are finally starting to become more accessible and mainstream. IBM has their 5 qubit quantum computer and D-Wave systems will come out with a 2,000 qubit system by the end of the year. It is simply amazing.

Anyway, I realized I could use the IBM quantum computer for Quantum Key Distribution (QKD). I am developing a simple single page application in Angular 2 that utilizes AWS lambda and API functions that will interact with IBM. I do not think this has been done before and I am giving it my all. Amazon has their MXNet and IBM has their python API and there is QuTip python libraries to fill in the gaps. I am still trying to figure out why QKD needs a quantum channel to transfer information and needs a public channel to verify, but hey that’s the joy of learning.

This is an about me page, so what I do on the side can be found on the Projects page.

If you are still reading and interested in this blog, there are a few things I assume:

  1. You can code
  2. You can compile
  3. You can Google
  4. You can read and comprehend
  5. You are interested in something new
  6. You are interested in things outside your comfort zone

I do not spell out step by step instructions ( I leave that for my regular job). I do not assume you aren’t interested. I assume you have a math background. I do not spell out how I got to my conclusions. If you want to know how I came about my conclusion fill out the form on the Contact page.

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