I copied some django security middleware (https://github.com/sdelements/django-security) for some personal use. The django security does some things I wanted and some other things I felt I didnt. So I only copied what I wanted and added some other things. Tonight I got bored and went through, https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/Headers to see what elseRead More →

I was browsing through some blog posts and saw someone enjoyed PyCharm. Since I never heard of it, I was curious since most of what I do at home is in Python. My first impressions are very good. Let me break some things down. Pros: The ability to use VIMRead More →

I have finally figured out what I want Algoa to be. First things first. The code is available at: https://github.com/vaethis/algoa As I have said in previous posts, I expect people to understand some technology. If you are new to programming, or none of the below makes sense, I really do notRead More →

I recently started a new project. The project is named Algoa after an asteroid from 1394.. The goal is to provide a classical means of an unbreakable cryptography algorithm using quantum cryptography methods while using classical methods. For example, quantum cryptography uses qubits. Representations of 1 and 0 simultaneously. IBMRead More →

I decided to move everything to AWS. Moving everything gave me the flexibility a geek wants in terms of customization. I was using the regular wordpress.com account and sadly paid for it. I lacked a ton of customization abilities, which was by design. I was mainly only able to makeRead More →