I decided to move everything to AWS. Moving everything gave me the flexibility a geek wants in terms of customization. I was using the regular wordpress.com account and sadly paid for it. I lacked a ton of customization abilities, which was by design. I was mainly only able to makeRead More →

I hate Windows 10. Absolutely hate it. It gives up privacy as well as installs updates without consent. Windows says, hey I have an update, I am updating deal with it and reboots. I am not a fan of that. So I decided to wipe my hard drive and goRead More →

Since the FCC decided to get rid of our online privacy rights, I decided to buy VPN access from TorGuard. I already have a PFSense firewall monitoring and blocking traffic using Snort, Squid, SquidGuard and pgNgBlocker. This is a quick (incomplete tutorial) how to get PFSense to connect to aRead More →

This is another working notes section. I finally switched over to Ubuntu and it was so much easier to use an nvidia-docker container to use my dual graphics cards for processing. As usual, I will not provide detailed instructions how I got to this point. I am not in thatRead More →

This is merely a cheat sheet for me. It is by no means an instruction manual or a how-to document. I hate writing step by steps. So don’t expect this to be one. Misc commands sudo docker ps sudo docker images sudo docker kill containerid sudo docker rmi imageid sudoRead More →

I ditched Windows 10 and switched over to CentOS 7. The transition did not go smoothly, however, its going better now that the initial setup is out of the way. In an effort to make things easier for others, all the scripts I write to make things easier, I amRead More →